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The Cyprus Air Traffic Controllers' Association (CYATCA) is a non-profit, non-political organization for Cypriot Air Traffic Controllers. Our mission is to promote safety, efficiency, and regularity in international air navigation, while upholding a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency.

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Our Mission

Ensure safety and efficiency in air traffic operations.

Our Objectives

  • To operate as a non-profit and non-political professional association for Cypriot Air Traffic Controllers;
  • To promote safety, efficiency and regularity in International Air Navigation;
  • To promote the development of means and procedures suitable and necessary for the economic and efficient control of air traffic;
  • To promote and uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency among Air Traffic Controllers and among associate professional members;
  • To protect and safeguard the interests of the Air Traffic Control profession;
  • To conform and adhere to the constitution of IFATCA;
  • To strive for a world-wide association of controllers under the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association

Achievement of objectives

  • Closely co-operate with the national and international aviation authorities and other institutions or persons concerned with air navigation;
  • Assist the national authority in the development of new procedures and facilities necessary and useful for the safety of international air navigation;
  • Collect and distribute information on professional problems and developments;
  • Levy annual subscriptions from professional members, associate professional members and corporate members to provide the funds for an effective management of the Association’s activities, and commitments towards IFATCA.
  • Sponsor and support the passage of legislation and regulations which will increase and protect the safety of air navigation through the improvement of working conditions in Air Traffic Control;
  • Issue an official journal or other publications at convenient times for the purpose of promulgating and advancing matters of air traffic control.

Our Career

How you can join us


  • Cypriot national
  • Recognized University degree
  • 21+ years old (males - complete military service)
  • Good health (meets ICAO standards)
  • High proficiency in English and Greek languages


  • Government scholarships available every few years, via the Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation
  • Selection via FEAST Test (aptitude test) and interview

Work-Life Balance

  • Round-the-clock shifts, weekends, holidays


  • Theoretical subjects: Aviation, Meteorology, Navigation, Telecommunications, Aviation Law
  • Simulator training
  • On-the-job training at Nicosia ACC or at a Control Tower (Larnaka or Pafos airport)
  • Duration: approx. 2 years
  • Monthly allowance during training: €1025
  • ATC License upon completion

Career Growth

  • Start at Nicosia ACC or at a Control Tower (Larnaka or Pafos airport)
  • Potential transfer to other ATC Unit depending on the needs
  • Salary scale: Α9-11-12

Our Board

We love what we do, check out our board

Mr. Nicos Lyrakides - President

Mr. Nicolas Ioannou -
Vice President

Ms. Ioanna Shiakalli - Treasurer

Mr. Constantinos Yiannapas - General Secretary

Mr. Michalis Hadjisimou - IFATCA liaison

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Cyprus Air Traffic Controllers' Association
P.O.Box. 28990, Nicosia, CYPRUS, CY-2084

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Tel: + 357 22 305060